Welcome to the VIP Lounge

Elevate your experience on Starship Sydney with exclusive access to our private VIP Lounge or Green Room— featuring plush lounges, state-of-the-art plasma TVs and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. This secure space offers complete privacy and can be attended by a personal concierge for an extra touch of luxury.

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Stand out Features

• Lounges and banquette seating
• Plasma TVs
• Lockable
• Exclusive and private
• Personal VIP attendant
• Large full length mirrors

Take a Virtual Tour

Explore the private and spacious VIP Lounge or Green Room virtually.


Experience more of what Starship Sydney has to offer on the upper Main, Lounge and Sky Decks.

  • 72 R1409 A ROSS HONEYSETT 03 2019

    The Main Deck

    The Main Deck boasts the most expansive pillarless deck on Sydney Harbour with an integrated car lift, 3.5m high ceilings and large surround glass windows.

  • 0 Shot 02 Doors Closed mp ROSS HONEYSETT 03 2019

    The Lounge Deck

    The Lounge Deck exudes sophistication with low leather lounges, a stunning glass void and glass bi-fold doors inviting you and your guests to enjoy breathtaking views from the all-weather decks.

  • Sky Deck Banner tablet

    The Sky Deck

    The Sky Deck offers picture perfect panoramic views of Sydney Harbour and rises 10 metres above sea level!

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